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Multi-Display Ceiling Mount with Six Telescoping Arms

Multi-Display Ceiling Mount with Six Telescoping Arms

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The DST942-6 Multi-Display Ceiling Mount includes telescoping arms that holds six displays evenly spaced in a circular configuration, helping you create the ideal multi display ceiling mounted solution. Each arm’s adjustable depth allows the installer to set the spacing between each display to meet your application’s needs. With 360° of swivel, and 0° to 20° of tilt, this mount creates the perfect viewing angle for any application. The mount has been designed with superior aesthetics in mind and provides a bottom cover, resulting in sleek and clutter-free cable management throughout the entire solution.
  • Tri and Quad options also available
  • Bottom cover provides superior aesthetics by hiding cables from view
  • Arms telescope to allow for the desired display spacing
  • 0° to 20° of tilt and 360° of swivel at time of installation
  • Universal mount fits displays with mounting patterns up to 730 x 405mm (28.75"W x 15.95"H)
  • Each display swivels independently +-20 ° for perfect positioning
  • Manufacturer: Peerless Manufacturer Part Number:DST942-6 SKU:746096 UPC:735029302926