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8.6kW 3-Phase 208V Monitored Rack ATS, 1U, 2 L15-30P, 6ft Cords, (Vertical PDU also required, Sold Separately)

8.6kW 3-Phase 208V Monitored Rack ATS, 1U, 2 L15-30P, 6ft Cords, (Vertical PDU also required, Sold Separately)

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Tripp Lite Monitored ATS / Auto Transfer Switch provides a redundant power option for network devices powered by a single input connection. Tripp Lites breakthrough 3-phase rack ATS (U.S. Patent 9,467,006) provides rapid coordination of unsynchronized phases without dropping loads and operates with the high efficiency and reliability required for data center applications. Dual PDU input cords support connection to separate PRIMARY and SECONDARY power sources. The ATS will normally maintain continuous output to all outlets as derived from the primary input connection. If the primary power source becomes unstable or fails altogether, the ATS will switch over to the secondary power source until the primary input is restored and stable. Monitored PDU features include built-in network interface able to communicate power status, load level and other vital information regarding input power and PDU status. Super-fast switchover between primary and secondary power sources occurs in milliseconds. ATS functionality is supported by any two compatible AC power sources regardless of phase angle, to support a variety of advanced redundant power networking applications. ATS configurations utilizing separate mains circuits, backup generators and even separate utility power grid feeds are fully supported. On-board ATS processor constantly evaluates power quality on both input sources to prevent transfer to the secondary source when unavailable or of lower quality than the primary source. Digital load meter and status LEDs display output current and primary or secondary power availability.
Manufacturer: TRIPPLITE Manufacturer Part Number:PDU330AT6L15 SKU:1008175 UPC:37332188892