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8.6kW 3-Phase 208V Monitored Rack ATS, 1U, 2 L21-30P, 6 ft. Cords, (Vertical PDU also required, Sold Separately)

8.6kW 3-Phase 208V Monitored Rack ATS, 1U, 2 L21-30P, 6 ft. Cords, (Vertical PDU also required, Sold Separately)

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The PDU330AT6L2130 8.6kW 3-Phase 208V ATS/Monitored PDU provides remote power monitoring and enables redundant power for network devices with non-redundant power supply configurations. Working in tandem with a required 0U vertical outlet accessory (sold separately; choose from PDU3V20D354, PDU3V20D354A or PDU3V20D354B), the 1U PDU330AT6L2130 is ideal for data centers and server rooms. Tripp Lites breakthrough 3-phase rack ATS (U.S. Patent 9,467,006) provides rapid coordination of unsynchronized phases without dropping loads and operates with the high efficiency and reliability required for data center applications.

Dual 6-foot input cords with L21-30P plugs connect to separate primary and secondary 3-phase power sources. The PDU constantly evaluates the power quality of both input sources. Dynamic solid-state (TRIAC) automatic transfer switching allows the PDU to switch to the secondary source within 16 milliseconds should the primary source fail or become unstable to ensure your connected equipment operates without interruption.

Built-in Ethernet network interface allows remote access to the PDU for power monitoring, configuration, control and notifications via web browser, SSH, telnet or SNMP. Provides real-time load/current data with billing-grade accuracy (+/- 1 percent). Tiered access privileges allow both an administrator and a guest to log in. Automated alerts help prevent accidental overloads, power loss and downtime. Digital LED display indicates power availability, voltage, source A/B input status, output load and power factor, as well as temperature and humidity conditions with the optional ENVIROSENSE module (sold separately).
Manufacturer: TRIPPLITE Manufacturer Part Number:PDU330AT6L2130 SKU:3773714 UPC:37332191519