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Zero-Skew UTP Bulk Patch Cable for RGB Video, 1000-ft.

Zero-Skew UTP Bulk Patch Cable for RGB Video, 1000-ft.

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Tripp Lite P524-01K is unshielded, twisted 4-pair cable designed specifically for VGA Video transmissions over UTP. It's low skew characteristics allow for extended data transmission distances, as well as improved video quality: better Pixel alignment, cleaner edges, reduced vertical shading bands, and reduced ghosting. Ideal for use with Tripp Lite VGA over Cat5 products, such as the B130-101A-2. Common CAT 5e/6 cable can have internal twisted pairs that vary greatly in length, which is good for eliminating cross-talk in Ethernet use, but causes image distortion in video over UTP applications. A difference in length in one twisted pair will produce a noticeable misalignment of the primary colors displayed. With Tripp Lites Low Skew UTP Cable, the length of each twisted pair carrying RGB computer video signals is uniform so the signals arrive at the receiver simultaneously. 1,000ft bulk box.
NOTE: Not for use with Tripp Lite Digital ( DVI and HDMI) over UTP equipment.
Manufacturer: TRIPPLITE Manufacturer Part Number:P524-01K SKU:237311 UPC:37332147547